Arable A global solution to managing weather risk and crop health,delivering real-time, actionable insights from your field.

Capture Granular Ground Truth

Get Scientific-quality readings accross locations with the only device to combine weather and plant data, sent to the cloud for retrieval anytime,anywhere. For growers,advisors,and business who play a proactive role in the quality and longevity of their operations.

Unprecedented Forecasting Accuracy

Arable Point Forecast provided Precise, micorclimate-specific field analysis on a global 3G cellular network. Machine-learning, continuously updating forecasts connect weather model output to in-field observations to help growers target operations in daily, monthly, or seasonal timeframes.

An Integreted Analytics Tool

Acces your data from anywhere in real time with the intuitive Arable software platform. Manage and prioritize action in variable conditions utilizing over 40 field-specific data metrics. Continuous visibility of stress,pest,and disease indicators provides an essential toolkit to empower the people who feed the world.

The Arable Mark is the first device ever to link global weather data with in-field observations,producing actionable intel tailored to your conditions.


Rainfall to within 0.22mm/hr
Surface Wetness
Dew Detection


Dynamic Kc
Conopy Temp to +/-0.5C
Full Radiation Budget 4% MOE


Solar Radiation
PAR 6% Daily total
Net Radiation 10% MOE

Plant Health

Chlorophyll Index
Seven Band Spectrometer


Temp to +/- 0.75°C
Rel Humidity to +/- 3%
Pressure 0.1% MOE

Harvest / Event Timing

Growing Degree Days
Chilling Hours
Frost Forecast

Integrations / Accessories

Flow Meter
Wind Speed & Direction
Soil Moisture Probes
Pressure Switch/Transducer

Cellular Connectivity

US: Hologram, AT&T,
T-Mobile, Verizon & Local
International: Hologram

Arable Distillery, a new way to access and integret your data. Our API Offering allows for integration into the tools your business already uses.

Point Forcasting

One easy-to-use device act as both weather station and crop monitor, right in your field. Track temperature to wihthin 0.75°C and relative humidity to within 3% margin of error for a real-time, point-scale crop and weather context growers can use to spot trends and make decisions with expert foresight.

Evapotranspiration/ Precipitation

Site specific evapotranspiration rates and plant-specific dynamic Kc adjust with canopy growth,updated daily at solar noon. Instant access to metrics through the Arable app enables at-a-glance analysis to sort your fields by indicators or stressors,monitor changes,and devise a proactive irrigation plan.

Chlorophyll Index/ NDVI

Hourly leaf wetness reports predict disease risks.Hourly,surface,sky and dew temperature readings combined with a daily chlorophyll index monitor plant stress.Hourly radiation and daily NDVI & MSAVI reports track photosynthesis and growth.Get hourly and daily canopy data in real time,day or night,in all kinds of weather.