Sporekill a Unique broad spectrum Plant Sanitizer for use in agriculture

  • Effective against fungus,bacteria and virus
  • it is not corrosive
  • Sporekill inhibits algae growth
  • Has wetting and sprading properties
  • It boosts efficacy of clorine in water.
  • It is not volatile.

How does sporekill work?

Most fungicides do not kill fungi spores effeciently on contact . SPOREKILL on the other hand does kill spores effeciently on contact and is therefore fungicidal.

Most Fungicides/bactericides are only able to kill a limited number of species of fungi or bacteria. By combining them with SPOREKILL, the spectrum of activity is dramatically expanded.

SPOREKILL's unique properties neutralise the phenomena by breaking the droplet surface tention and enabling substantially better distribution of the chemical solutions on plant surfaces, a better distribution translates into better contact and kill rates of fungi and/or bacteria.

SPOREKILL's revolutionary patented Quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) is non-toxic and biodegradable, with a nil withholding period.

If you are already using a wetter/spreader, replace with SPOREKILL and immidiately gain all the benefits of SPOREKILL's unique sanitiser properties.

5 reasons to use sporekill in your spray prgram

  • To target and destroy all stages of the fungi life cycle
  • To reduce the overall Fungi and Bacteria population on your crops
  • To boost fungicide efficacy through SPOREKILL powerful wetting and sprading properties.
  • To combat fungi and bacteria right up to harvest time and beyond
  • SPOREKILL as wetting agent