Inspired by witnessing heavy losses due to improper packing techniques in the perishable agriculture commodities MoreLife Solutions taken an initiative by developing antiripening packing solutions which keep the product fresh from the farm its harvested to end user.

With a range of products backed with strong research, we could able to reduce the postharvest losses phenomenally as the products performed outstanding on the objectives its made for.

We are leaders in manufacturing of anti-ethylene packaging, anti-ethylene lining for corrugated boxes, acrylic based resin coats which substitutes the wax coating in the fruit. Anti-fungal fresh produce sanitizers and ethylene absorbing pouches. Our shelf life extending bags are one of its kind which not only reduces the ethylene triggered menaces but also provides as biocidal properties.

MoreLife Extender Bags-Recyclable with Anti-Ethylene Mechanism

Use polyethylene bags for the handling,shipping and storage of fresh produce is common.However,the normal bags used don't contribute in preserving the aesthetic appearance of the product inside.The fresh produce within the bags will always have tendency to ripen and udergo deterioration of quality,loss of weight and colour fading.

As we all know that,fresh produce is one of the most perishable commodity and will always have a threat of getting damaged by the ethylene triggered mechanism.MoreLife Post Harvest Solutions now bring an outstanding innovation in the form of Halogen Synergized Ethylene Oxidizer Bags.These specially designed Halogen Synergized Ethylene Oxidizer Bags,protects the packed fresh produce within,due to the following solutions :

Scavenges the Ethylene : The Ethylene Gas released by the produce is converted to ethylene oxide when it comes in contact with the bags. The bags are formulated with Special Additives,which acts as an Ethylene Scavengers.It not only binds the Ethylene release,but also slows down the Intercellular Ethylene production by the action of penetration.

Anti-Fogging Effect : As an available option,these bags can be made with Anti-Fogging properties and won't allow the moisture to deposit or condensed water to accumulate on the surface.This allows clear view of the product packed inside and encoutages the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Reduced Weight Loss : It slows down the process of ripening and reduces the rate of respiration which ultimately provides low weight loss inside the packaging.

Crops Specific Anti-Ripening Bags : The rate of respiration and ethylene release varies in different crops.The crops like cherries,raspberries and mangoes have high rate of ethylene release,however,hte crops viz.,pomegranate,apple have less ethylene release but can be more sensitive to Ethylene Gas.We can provide crop specific bags which takes care for all your produce,by specific Ethylene binding action.

MoreLife Compostable Bags/Sheets

Advantages :

  • It has all properties of MoreLife Oxider Bags.
  • Fruit and vegetable bags made of certified compostable material,help to close the loop of the food value chain.
  • Hight tear and wear stability.
  • Approved for food contact.
  • Reduce food losses due to the good breathability.
  • Environmental friendly.

Fruit and vegetable bags made of MoreLife Compostable EO Bags or Sheets are more that simple bags or sheets.They can be reused as Organic Waste Bags and thus improve the collection and recovery of organic food waste.MoreLife Compostable EO Bags also comply with the recent standards in Frace and Italy for compostablefruit and vegetable bags made from renewable resources.In Frace,for example,single-use plastic bags that are thinner than 50 micrometre have to consist of at least 40 percent of renewable resources and be home-compostable.Thus bags made of MoreLife Compostable EO support a safer,cleaner and easier food waste collection,closing the loop of the food value chain.