SOIL Testing

Test the soil, then feed the soil Before you do anything, get a soil test!

A soil test is very important to determine the composition, nutrient levels, and characteristics such as the pH balance in the soil. It is helpful to get soil fertility levels and identify nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities, and trace minerals. Soils vary in diversity from one location to another. So testing will give the options to grow suitable plants on the soil. A soil test is to remain profitable in agriculture under present conditions.

Every farmer and grower should consider that fertility levels must be measured. These measurements can then be used to manage soil fertility to more precisely achieve top production and quality, while still keeping costs at the minimum necessary to meet the goal.

Soil testing KRISHI-NPK

Now monitor soil NPK and micronutrients on the spot and get results without waiting for days and get advisory based on the soil analysis from experts. The unit also can connect with JALAM sensor node for water analysis.

Results interpretation – on screen

Results interpretation – as an sms

How it works?